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Freedial Internet Access Sign Up


If you are an existing user of UK4Free and your phone bill costs are too high then this service is perfect for you. For users with a higher usage, we offer for just 11.06 +VAT per month the option of connecting to the internet via a freephone number. This means that you will get NO phone bill for your internet access. The service has a 3-4 hour cut-off period dependant on network congestion, at which point you can re-connect immediately. This service supports 56K V90 modems and ISDN at 64K. It is contended 15:1 and each customer is allowed up to 42 hours each week.

  • No phone charges for first 42 hours each week
  • 12.99 per month inc. VAT

Please fill in the following form carefully if you wish to subscribe to Freedial.

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