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Would you like to video conference or chat with friends, family and work colleagues?  With our standard ILS server and Microsoft's Netmeeting software you can do exactly that. The ILS server is available for anyone to use. We also have a unique Safe 'N Sound server which is guaranteed not to contain offensive entries.

Safe & Sound Scheme - Helps to keep our server free of offensive entries

We have struggled to keep our servers free from the kind of entries most people would prefer not to find on an ILS server. To this end we have developed unique filter software that will actively seek out and remove unsuitable entries from the ILS listing. It may be that from time to time you discover an entry that is offensive, but you should see it disappear when you next refresh the directory listing. All advertising will also have been removed, so you will not have to browse through all the annoying advertisements found on other ILS servers.

If you do notice an entry that you believe should not be allowed on the server, please email ils-abuse@kencomp.net and include the EXACT wording used in ALL fields of the listing. We will then do our best to ensure future logins are denied to that user.


Speed Issues - Our server is fast

To help maintain a quality, fast service, we have begun to restrict access to our server from other UK providers, offering preference to people using our dialup number. If you are currently having difficulty in accessing the servers, please create a dialup networking entry using our dial up number and details, and connect to the net using it before attempting to log on to ils.kencomp.net. 


Abuse is not tolerated

We will not tolerate any entries on the servers which are either blatantly illegal, or suggestive of illegal activity. We will co-operate with and actively work with relevant authorities to ensure that those persons who would use our servers for illegal purposes are brought to justice.

If you notice any entries on the server that are of this nature, please email ils-abuse@kencomp.net providing details of what you saw, and the date and time that you noticed it. We will then confirm the entry occurred, and if appropriate pass relevant log file sections to the police.

No Advertising

We actively REMOVE advertisers from our servers meaning you don't need to browse those annoying website promotions. We also will not allow entries from "multi Lister" software, meaning that the entries you do find should be genuine.


Sign up to UK4Free for faster access to our ILS Server

If you do not already receive your internet access through UK4Free and you live within the UK then we recommend you sign up. This means you will get the most from our ILS server. Dial up internet access with UK4Free is available FREE OF CHARGE. For more information on UK4Free please visit the UK4Free sign up information page. Alternatively, you can remain with your existing ISP and just create a dialup networking connection using the information above.


Are you ready to use our netmeeting ILS server?

Please read the following information before downloading the automatic installation file.
Rules & Dial Up Number Information
1 Please keep your entries clean and suitable for family use. Anyone we find logged on using sexual or unsuitable suggestions will simply be barred.
2 Please log off the server it you are not wanting to chat. It uses valuable server resources to maintain your entry whilst you are off making coffee! This slows the service down for everyone, simply logoff, and log back on when you return.
3 Strictly no advertising on the server. Anyone found advertising on the server will have been deemed to accept a charge of 500.00, and a contract will be deemed to be formed in the favour of Kencomp Internet, enforceable against the individual placing the advertisement, with Lien against the goods and wares of their employers until such sums are discharged.
4 If you are in the UK, please use our dialup number. Your connection will consequently be of a higher quality and more reliable.

Click here to automatically configure your PC
When asked what to do with the file, please select "Open".

You can use the dialup account free of charge using the following details:

Dial Up Number
DNS Servers
0845 0798284 &

You can find out who's on-line at the moment by clicking here:-

We also run an unfiltered server available for whatever use you choose which is adult-ils.kencomp.net.

We hope you enjoy our netmeeting servers.